The Mosaic print house is built on the foundation of collaboration. And rooted in our desire to explore the world's wild places. We tell stories through imagery, the lens which allows us give back to the causes making a difference in our world.

Joining this community isn't just buying pretty photos. It's connecting with like minded artists, story tellers, explorers and learning from one another and out environment each step of the way.

Mosaic Fine Art Collective is built on the foundation of collaboration and rooted in our desire to explore the world's wildest places. We tell stories through imagery, and give back to the causes making a difference in our world.

Joining this community isn't just about buying/selling pretty photos. It's a place to connect with like minded artists, story tellers, and explorers. To learn from one another and grow together. Enter your info below to apply.

Founding Artists


Creative Director

Raised in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, Frankie is a 23 year old visual artist and skier. She is backed by a BFA in visual merchandising and a passionate eye for design. Frankie's approach to fine arts is a passionate combination of industry knowledge and progressive entrepreneurship.

She works alongside some of her favorite people and creators as a merchandiser, stylist, and web designer. Driven by her love for adventure, creativity and the beauty of collaboration.

Instagram: @Mountainface



Matt was raised in the outdoor mecca of Truckee, CA and has been immersed in the outdoors ever since, inspiring a life dedicated to the exploration of the world’s most unique places.

His desire to inspire others through amazing imagery has taken him around the globe. He has traveled to over 65 countries on all 7 continents, filming for some of the biggest brands in the world as a DP, camera operator, and drone pilot. These days he manages multiple startups, creates commercial campaigns for luxury travel brands, and continues to create films with purpose.

Instagram: @Tahoematt



Stein is a bold adventure storyteller, entrepreneur, multi-sport explorer and activist. He was born and raised in Trukee, CA. At 10 months old he was put on skis for the first time. 21 years later, Stein started exploring the Arctic and Antarctic. From 2017-19, he spent 8 months there ski mountaineering and filming.

Steins polar exploring mentors have inspired a fresh perspective on adventuring - to Adventure with Purpose. While creating stories from Antarctica to Everest to the Arctic to Patagonia and many places in between while supporting various international non-profits in the process.

Instagram: @Steinretzlaff


Erich is a professional ski mountaineer, adventure photographer and videographer but if you ask Erich he describes himself as a true ski bum. He spent his teenage years in the Wallowa Mountain Range in NE Oregon as his backyard playground, galvanizing his love and commitment to wild places. He currently lives in Olympic Valley, CA.

He has shot several expedition short films on Mt. Everest and Denali. He currently is working on Life Below Zero as a camera operator.

Instagram: @Erichroepke


Thor is an Impact Entrepreneur, fueled by purposeful adventures, inspiring people around him, and developing circular systems. It's hard to find him without a smile. Thor draws much of his inspiration from the mountains and is seeking to further his abilities for effective storytelling by experimenting with different mediums.

Thor is the co-founder of Do Good Shit and Waste*d, two organizations pioneering processes in the sanitation field.”

Instagram: @Thorretzlaff


Raised in rural Oregon, Kyle is a 24 year old adventure storyteller. For the past five years he has been traversing the globe with his camera in tow seeking compelling and impactful stories to share with the world.

Aspiring to become a successful director and photographer, Kyle doesn’t plan on slowing his pace. He has already been a key team member on more then 15 expeditions led by National Geographic’s Cristina Mittermerier and Paul Nicklen, produced contempt for Outside TV and Discovery Channel, and has been vetted by some of the best photographers and storytellers. 

Instagram: @Kyle.Roepke